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weCyou is a wireless streaming camera intended to improve the efficiency of the service process within Industry 4.0. It is so easy to use that it does not require any training, it can also be used in hostile environments and increases the first-time fix rate. There are two ways of using it– cam and blackbox – make this the ideal solution for performing various activities: technical support, quality control, spare part assembly, machine monitoring and maintenance.
Start saving time and money, choose weCyou for your company!

Ways of usage

weCyou is a video camera created to reduce downtimes to a minimum, allowing an expert from the service center to identify the problem thanks to an audio-video streaming connection. Thanks to its elastic band, weCyou can also be used as a head camera. The local operator can work with free hands next to a remote specialized technician that can watch and guide the operator’s work.

How to use weCyou

The machine may stop at the wrong time, but the service must be available again, at a small cost, only a few hours or days later.

Take the wecyou video camera with you, contact the service center and livestream images with the respective problem.

If necessary, show to the service center live details from inside the machine while it’s working. You will put your eye where you would never have dared.

The remote support service shall be with you until the problem is solved. Fast and accurate, avoiding useless, costly and lengthy transfers to your location.

You will receive instructions, drawings, documents regarding the way of functioning, in order to reduce downtime to a minimum and to increase the productivity of your business.

Following the service center’s instructions, you will solve the problem objectively, avoiding the waiting cost for its resolution.

The machine has restarted, let’s take care of something else.